Art Practical: Shotgun Review


Form Follows Function ii

20in. X 26in.

Acrylic on Panel

I feel very fortunate that intelligent people take the time to write thoughtful comments about my artwork. Here is a very thoughtful review of my exhibition titled HIstory By Choice, recently on view at Eleanor Harwood Gallery, in San Francsico, CA.

From the review:

“Nothing is as it seems in Erik Parra’s History by Choice at Eleanor Harwood Gallery. At first glance, the paintings of domestic interiors appeared so banal that I almost passed them by, but a faint, disquieting strangeness about the depicted spaces gave me pause. Chairs float, legless. Views of the outdoors beckon, but turn out to be mere reflections in mirrors. Shadows—which typically impart dimensionality—are so stark that they flatten entire scenes into blocks of color. Parra’s refusal of depth even extends to a would-be sculpture in the gallery’s center: a painting of a sculpture, comically installed on a pedestal like a three-dimensional object, and aptly titled Function Follows Form (2017)…”

For the entire review please click here.

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Erik Parra