@Home was an interactive, immersive painting based installation I created while in residence at Project Grant, Buffalo, NY in 2015. Through workshops I lead at the Old First Ward Community center, community members collaborated on aspects of planning the installation, created artworks incorporated into the installation and helped with finishing details to bring the installation to life. Over the course of several weeks students learned and developed skills related to perspective drawing, color theory, DIY printmaking, wheat-pasting and mural painting.

@Home was created through an exchange of ideas and labor became the physical manifestation of conversations that began in the studio. Central to the installation is the a house form I created out of re-cycled shipping pallets, recycled cardboard and paper, TYVEK home wrap and paint. This form was finished by the student’s artwork created through a series of intensive workshops. Perspective drawings of furniture owned by the students and abstract monoprints were wheat-pasted to the inside to create the interior of the house, complete with furniture. Additionally students helped finish the exterior’s “paint job”. @Home carved out a physical space for viewers to sit, engage with and consider relationships of personal living space, community and the environment that those living spaces occupy.

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