point of consequence

Point of Consequence was a site-specific collage based installation combining framed collage works with collage-based installation. Combining framed collages, masking tape, tissue paper, bond paper and reconfigured shipping pallets creating an inhabitable collage, a space that opened up for productive, critical reflection. Point of Consequence was commissioned by artist and curator Tina Dillman, as part of _______ vs. ­­­­_______ (& everything that falls in b/w), her Master of Fine Art Thesis Exhibition for the San Francisco Art Institute. An exhibition held at the Old Mint, in San Francisco, California in 2014. This exhibition included the work of local bay area artists, Elizabeth Cayne, Scott Greenwalt, Erik Parra and Karen Thomas.

From the press release: This exhibition sought to “question(s) the value and intention of a graduate thesis show, in a city that is currently experiencing a high rate of evictions for artists, gallerists and cultural centers, at a site that embodies the currency and history of this city.”

For more information about this project please visit Tina Dillman’s curatiorial projects website.